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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A touch of Lovecraft

Mike B here, with an update on what we at Philrose have been up to.

The works of H.P. Lovecraft have been a major influence on me in the last few years. Aside from my own personal projects, John and I are now working on a script together that pulls some ideas from the master of horror fiction.

What sort of ideas? Well, we have a pulp fiction writer who is seeing things that can't be true, and now he thinks he may be going mad. What does he see? How about a grotesque monster that is one giant tentacle, with some additional tentacles thrown in? Also relating to Lovecraft, we have an otherworldly being whose diminished powers require the will of men to break free from an alternate dimension. And did I mention the tentacles?

It won't be a straight adaptation, and we're not going for HPL's sense of universal dread. Instead, we have a more personal story of a man resisting evil and trying desperately to protect his own soul and the soul of the girl he loves.

We're trying on different titles right now to see how they fit. The current working title is "Lake Midnight." Check this space for future progress reports.