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Monday, August 17, 2009

Upgrade Your Gray Matter

For one of our Mind Rip trailer scenes, we needed to put together a makeshift science lab. In the scene, the lab's psychokinetic test subject has just killed again, and tensions are running high.

We used an existing warehouse/tech space as a backdrop, then put a few tables and a computer in the foreground. But what about the reverse angle? What should we see on the computer monitor?

We're monitoring psychic energy, so we should be seeing brain scans. Lots of them.

So I went to the internet (you can find anything on the internet) and asked Bing for brain images. I then ran them through Flash and came up with some animation that looked pretty darn funky on camera.

Want to confuse your co-workers?
Click here, then hit F11 to fill your screen with brains.
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