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Monday, August 03, 2009

Waiter, there's a severed head in my soup

The first of our trailer scenes takes place in a restaurant kitchen. Two smart aleck cooks insult each other while chopping vegetables. An unexpected monster-type noise from outside catches their attention... and a severed head smashes through the window, flying into the room. The head flips end over end, landing with a splash in a pot of lentil soup.

We began with storyboards, drawn by John. This gave him a way to demonstrate the proposed shots to the cast and crew. (See the black & white image below.) On the day of the shoot, we had extra time and inspiration, so we added some more shots, which I sketched out on site. (The blue boards below.) Click either image for a larger view.

This was a fun shoot. We spent all Sunday in a local restaurant, shooting the kitchen from every angle imaginable. We built a fake wall with a break-away window (more on that later). Our "Uncle Fester" head was provided by Michael Del Rossa, and it was a thing of beauty. A little goopy blood and a stick rammed in from behind, and that head was ready to smash through the window repeatedly.

Here are some pics from the shoot, courtesy of Johannes Bockwoldt.

John does surgery on the severed head.

Just another day on the job for Mikey.

Having fun? Oh yeah, fun!

A practice run, without the glass. For the final smash, Mikey wore a black mask to remain invisible.

Mikey is NOT a terrorist.

Applying the very important blood.

Getting the candy glass in place.

The wall? Fake. The glass? Fake. The crew? Real.

Installing candy glass, made from actual candy.

Stay tuned for more pics from the shoot!